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BMC-4233 Double Column Machining Center

BMC-4233 Double Column Machining Center
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Outstanding Features:

  • The column and bridge are annealed and stress relieved to ensure structural stability.
  • Linear guideways on X and Y axes, box ways on Z axis.
  • High precision pre-loaded linear guideways feature low frictional co-efficient low stick-slip and high thrust force sensitivity ensuring dynamic movement accuracy.
  • 6,000 RPM gear-driven spindle is standard.
  • 32-tool arm-type ATC.
  • Extra wide door for easy loading and unloading of workpieces.
  • The ideal for: Automobile forming dies, plastic injection molds, machine parts machining, aerospace parts machining.


Model  BMC-4233
Travel X axis travel 4200 mm
Y axis travel 3600 mm
Z axis travel 920 (1100) mm
Spindle nose to table 200~1120 (200~1300) mm
Distance between spindle center to bridge 475 mm
Door Width 3250 mm
Spindle Spindle speed 50~6000 rpm
Spindle motor max. rating 26 kw
Axis motor max. rating 9/7/7 kw
Tool shank BT-50
Table Working area 4200x2700 mm
Max. loading 19000 kgs
T-Slots (No. x Width x Pitch) 14x 22 x 200 mm
Feed rates Rapids on X / Y/ Z axis 12/12/12 m/min
Max. cutting feedrate 6 m/min
Tool Magazine Tool storage capacity 32(OPT. 40/60)
Type of tool BT - 50
Max. tool diameter 127 mm
Max. tool weight 15 kgs
Max. tool length 300 mm
Tools to tools (change time) 8 sec
Accuracy Positioning P0.03
Repeatability Ps 0.025
Roundness 0.03/300 mm
Dimensions Air source required 6 up
Machine weight (Net) 49000 kgs
Power source required (KVA.) 50 KVA
Floor space (L x W x H) 10470x6140x4600 mm

Standard Accessories

  • FANUC 0i-MD controller
  • Spindle 6000rpm (gear)
  • Automatic lubricating system
  • Automatic lubricating oil collector for 3 axes
  • Spindle and gear transmission/temperature control
  • Twin screw and one link type chip conveyor with tank
  • Heat exchanger for electric cabinet
  • Foot switch for tool clamping/unclamping
  • 32 tools arm-type tool change
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Full splash guard
  • Air blow for chip (M Code)
  • X & Y linear guideway (roller type)
  • Ball screw cooling system (X-axis)
  • Foundation bolt kit
  • Work light
  • RS-232 interface (10 meters)/RJ45
  • Oil skimmer
  • Maintenance and operational manual
  • Ladder for maintenance (5m,6m only)
  • Twin hydraulic counter weight cylinders
  • Transformer

Optional Accessories

  • Controller (Heidenhain, Seimens, Mitsubishi)
  • Z-axis travel up to 1100mm
  • Heighten column by 200mm
  • ATC (40, 60 tools)
  • Spindle 8000rpm (belt-drive)
  • 30/35HP spindle motor upgrade (Fanuc 32xx series only)
  • Ball screw cooling system (Y/Z axis)
  • Ladder for maintenance ( opt. for 3m,4m M/C)
  • X-axis linear guide roller type (Schneeberger)
  • Z-axis linear guide way
  • Direct drive spindle 8000rpm or 10000rpm (for linear guide way only.)
  • Y-axis linear guide roller type (Schneeberger)
  • 90° angular head
  • Manual universal head
  • Extended head with clamping/unclamping tool
  • Auto tool length measurement
  • Auto workpiece Measurement device
  • Coolant through spindle
  • Linear scales feedback (Heidenhain/Fagor)
  • CNC rotary table & tail stock